What inspired Got Terpenes?

The momma part of this duo is a cannabis ClergyWoman, advocate and educator regarding plant medicine for the whole family.  She has cannabis posters throughout her home, dining room, and office.


One of the main ways she helps clients find their preferred flower is by smell.  That means getting to know and identify terpenes that bring about the desired effects and then paring them with the other components of plants that help balance. 

From the 7 year old co-founder himself:

¨Mom also homeschools me.  So one day I decide the art/science project was going to be terpenes.  Ones we had talked about over and over on walks or while mom foraged in the woods. We had a blast and the picture came out fabulous.  Can you see it?


¨I was so proud of it that mom put it on a t-shirt.  I proudly wore it to my cousin's house.  They are very religious. When I talked about the shirt the mom and dad asked me to take off the shirt and put another one on.  I told mom about it when I got home and that's when the light bulb went off for he 


Mom said “next time instead of talking about cannabis.  Let's shift the conversation to the other plants that have the same terpenes?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said said “Oh,  Ok.”

¨Ï still got told to take off the shirt and put another one of.  Mom packed me an extra this time.  This time mom also took them into their garden and taught them about terpenes in their herbs.

¨That’s where Got Terpenes? Was born.  Mom saw the opportunity for me to have the conversation differently and immediately understood that if I could do it so could other people and then maybe, just maybe, we could reach a wider and wider audience. ¨

This company was birthed by the creativity of a 7-year-old and the attempt of a mother to; destigmatize plant medicine, educate and advocate for the cannabis and hemp plants, one shirt at a time.